Corporate Office Northern California

Mike Covey


Direct: 209.464.0016

1444 El Pinal Dr
Stockton CA, 95205
Phone: 209.464.0016 Fax: 209.888.8197

Dispatch & Transportation Needs 209.932.8640

 Sales Representative Contact Information

Mark Kahler

General Manager/Director New Car Operatios

`Direct: 253.261.9506

John Elson

Director Of Used Car Operations

Direct:n 209.649.0787

Amy Marshall

Director of Client Services

Direct: 586.610.8222

 Northern California Terminal


Tracy Lawson Phone: 209.639.0912
Stephanie Chervellera Phone: 209.661.3371
Andrea Bustamante Phone: 209.932.8640


Sherri Martel Phone:   209.992.2216
Leesa Stowers Phone: 209.649.0905

 Southern California Terminal

11120 Almond Avenue.
Fontana, CA 92337 Phone:909.854.2421

Melissa Sallis

Terminal Manager/Sales
Phone: 702.469.6471

Maria Arreola Phone: 209.423.6617

Mary Anne Werhane Phone: 951.545.8064
Debra Factor Phone: 661.201.5589

San Diego Terminal

Western Washington Terminal

253 Roy Rd SW
Pacific, WA 98047
Phone: 253.826.0461


Keith Sobran: 253.261.8110


Wendy Rusk Phone: 253.261.9508

 Eastern Washington Terminal
5600 E Alki Ave
Spokane, WA 99212 

Kristin Miller

Terminal manager Phone: 509.251.2436

Lori Budworth Phone: 509.370.0222

 Phoenix Terminal

Ed Covey 

Director of Employee/Contractor Relation

Terminal manager Phone: 623.293.0027

 Las Vegas Terminal
4740 E Tropical Pkwy
Las Vegas, NV 89115

Annie Lamb Phone: 702.525.4707

 Oregon Terminal

Vicki Covey Phone: 971.563.8870

 Salt Lake City Utah Terminal
2765 S 850 W
Salt Lake City, UT 84119
Phone: 801.618.4744

Gene Larocque

Terminal Manager

Phone: 801.618.4744 Direct: 801.309.3990

Phaedra Parker  Phone: 801.618.4744

 Denver Colorado Terminal
9900 I-76 Service Road
Henderson, CO 80640

Leo Petty

Terminal Manager

Phone: 303.217.8444 Direct: 303.669.9112

Brad Mills Phone: 303.217.8444 Direct: 303.386.6315

Santa Rosa New Mexico
286 Eddy Ave
Santa Rosa, New Mexico 88435

Henrietta Jaramillo

Terminal manager 575.613.8052